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please take these hands

listening to the new thursday album. i had preordered it and it came in the mail today, four days before it's release date. it rocks. this is one album i haven't listened to before it actually came out.

crappy day outside. i hate the rain with a passion. we were supposed to continue our garage sale today, but so much for that. meghan made like eighty-nine dollars yesterday, i made seventeen. better than i expected. i'm happy. people really do buy crap though. i think i'll post some stuff on e-bay to make money to use for christmas presents. it's only a couple of months away. gotta start saving.

i'm really sick of working for john. at first it wasn't bad at all, but now i've grown tired of doing all this shit work. i need to get my resume out and get a real job, with benefits. i need to make money to pay for the bills i've been racking up. damn near fifteen hundred dollars in debt.

i need to win the lottery.

no plans for today as of yet. i really want to see cabin fever, but i think we are going to wait to see it when it hits the drive in. anyway, i haven't updated in a while, so i thought i'd catch up a bit, even though this is just ramble.
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