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better wear something heavier

cold outside again. it definitely feels like fall. work is really beginning to take it's toll on me once again. the cold cuts right through me. i'm getting sick because of it. i've been so tired. i actually fell asleep early last night. i woke up to catch a little bit of reno 911 and fell right back to sleep.

i feel really bad for meghan. i think she is beginning to hate me. i just can't seem to help it. i'm always just so damn tired. when i get to her house i go straight for the bed, and just lay there.

we've been making t-shirts anchor shirt came out decent, as did the lawrence arms hourglass with wings. i just need to think of some more designs i could use.

"do you hear the jet plane yawing miles across the sky? do you hear the garbage truck back down the boulevard, setting off the car alarms as it passes by? do you hear the static of one thousand detuned radios? shut the window, love, keep the world outside. i don't want to think about anyone but the footsteps are getting louder, drowning out the sound of the rain, as it knocks on the windowsill. i'm not answering the phone -- let it ring. lately i've been feeling like a falling bomb, the ground is getting closer and the sky is falling down."

this song has been brought to you by a falling bomb.
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