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do you feel lucky...punk...

i'm exhausted. i woke up early this morning to go with meghan to the clinic, so she could test out some bronzer or something. we get all the way down there to find out that the testing isn't until tomorrow morning. at least we didn't hit much traffic.

on the way home we stopped at barnes and noble to look for books on screen printing, but came up short. they didn't have a single one. of all the damn crafts to pick, we pick the one with no "how to" books.

then it was on to work, where it was apparent that everyone (my boss and the roofers) were talking about me as i pulled in. i could tell by the smiles. granted i was two and a half hours late, but i make my own damn hours. they came up with some sly remarks, like "what did you do, get lost?". it really pissed me off, and it set my mood for the rest of the day there. i had to blow leaves. this is gonna be my second straight week of blowing leaves down his hill. the worst part is that not even half the leaves have fallen yet, so it's gonna be a long month.

i left at two-thirty to stop at the library to look for books (on screen printing) and to my amazement, they had two. granted they are pretty ancient, but i believe i saw a diagram on how to build one. i'll have to check it out later when i go to meghans'. maybe we'll actually be able to get this whole thing started a little sooner.

on the way home from the library, i was feeling lucky, so i stopped to play the lottery. hopefully the next time i write, i'll be a few thousand richer.
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