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god loves ugly

what a gorgeous day outside today. instead of feeling like the first day of winter, it felt like the first day of spring. i was able to work with the windows open and not be afraid of getting frostbite. i get to work by myself pretty much the rest of the year. the other guys had to go and work on some "emergency" job. it's kind of nice...i just listen to my ipod and stain and sand wood. time goes by pretty quick. i'm actually quite content with my job at the moment.

saturday night we actually went out, for the first time in probably a month. me, meghan, and andrea went and played pool and went to the diner. andrea is going to take on the task of drawing the design for my next tattoo. i've decided that the whole zombie scene is a good idea and should look pretty cool.

speaking of zombies, the new dawn of the dead trailer is up on it looks ok, although from what i've read, it's nothing like the original. i've got my calender marked.

only three more days until christmas. it doesn't really feel like it. oh well. at least i've got all my shopping done.

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