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...and the weather outside is frightful...

i attempted to go to work today. i've skipped out damn near the entire week because no one is there and there's not a single thing for me to do. no one was there again today, but i thought i'd go and get the ladder and attempt to put another coat of poly on the ceiling (although it really doesn't need it). but once in the garage, i noticed that rob must have came back and taken the ladder to another job, so there was no way for me to get into the upstairs room. yet another day of sitting at home.

i talked to brian for a little bit yesterday morning. i asked him if they were hiring over at sam's club, and he told me i had to come down and fill out a computer application. maybe i'll do that monday or tuesday. we talked about music and bands for a while, and i realize that i do miss hanging out with him. we used to be inseparable, and now we're barely on speaking terms. i'm supposed to give him a call tonight, and i just might. maybe we'll hit up the dinner or something. no use in going to bed early tonight. both me and meghan have off until tuesday. so we can't use work as an excuse to stay in.

that's rob and john, and the room i've been working on/in for the past three+ months.
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