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add them together and you get five

sitting at home, hoping that meghan doesn't run late at the prosecutors' office. think i'll try giving her a call in a few minutes. i've spent all afternoon burning andrea her list of twenty+ cd's she wanted. i should have them all finished in an hour or two.

for my birthday, meghan bought me a pair of black kangaROOS, and you will know us by the trail of dead : the secret of elena's tomb on vinyl, lewis black unleashed on dvd, the best of insomniac with dave attell on dvd, burt's bees citrus facial scrub, burt's bees bay rum exfoliating soap, and doctor burt's lavender mint toothpaste. she spent way too much money on me.

this morning we tried to get new cell phones (for the second time), but her plan isn't up until the end of march (last time they told us to come back in february). so we still have one more month to wait.

guess i should get back to burning cd's, and maybe watch some of those dvd's to waste some time.
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