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so finally, after a month and a half, i've landed a job. i now work at safilo, which makes eyeglasses and sunglasses and cases and what not. they've put me in shipping and receiving i guess you could say. i spend my day loading up boxes of cases for the packers to pick from. whenever they run low on a specific cases, they call on me, so i'm constantly busy, which makes the time go by fast.

i already have three problems with the job however. one, i only speak english. everyone who works there is spanish, so i have a hard time understanding them half the time. second, the drive to and from work sucks. i sit in traffic forever. third, they've got me working overtime sorting mail without asking me. yesterday i got to work until 6:45 again, when i was supposed to leave at 5:00. i know it shouldn't be a big deal, but i didn't sign on to do ten and a half hour days. and i only get paid eight bucks an hour.

it almost doesn't seem worth it to even work there. the only reason i don't mind it is because i don't have to deal with actual, bitchy customers, and the dress code is kind of lax. i can wear pretty much whatever i want to. i guess i'll just stick it out until something better comes along.

on the way home from work last night, my "check engine soon" light came on, so i had to stop at sts this morning to drop it off. i know i'm well overdue for an oil change, so i can get that out the way, but i almost shit my pants when the guy told me it would be $75.00 just to look and see why that light came on. $75.00 just to look at it!?!?! this little inconvenience is gonna cost me an arm and a leg. fuck.

skate and surf is next friday. we are leaving for asbury on thursday. there aren't really any bands i'm dying to see. avenged sevenfold, my chemical romance, boysetsfire. i really wanted to see minus the bear, but i didn't see them on the set list last night. i know they were supposed to play...i guess i should just check their web page or something.

sorry about this rambling. i'll end it here.

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